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Mathematics and Identity: The Test of Integrity

Workshop Sessions:
​Tension in Identity by Esther Song
Humanizing Mathematics by Jennifer Dao
Power, Privilege, and the Mathematics Classroom by Jerica Jurado

Do you wish it were summer? Do you feel like you’re failing as a teacher? Are you discouraged or feel like you’re alone?  One of the challenges of teaching with a social justice perspective is that our reality can seem so far from our vision. We hope for students to leave our classrooms feeling powerful and able to change their communities. We hope they see themselves as powerful and that mathematics can help shape their world. However, teaching mathematics meaningfully with all of the constraints of schooling can be very discouraging. We may feel exhausted, drained, and alone. 

​At Nepantla Teacher’s Community, we are working towards facilitating discussion that encourages reflections and practices that get to the root of creating a socially just environment for students and teachers. Join us on March 2nd as we host our spring workshop on Math and Identity: The Test of Integrity. We will help create a space that will push each other through the end of the school year with a discipline for hope. 

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