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The 2021 Nepantla Summer Cohort is 5 weeks and will focus on navigating racism in math education. As a leadership team and classroom teachers, we realized a need to form a bridge between philosophies around social justice and day-to-day classroom practice. Teaching is often set up to be isolating, guilt-driven, and to perpetuate oppressive norms that uphold the status of those in privilege. These are the reasons that it is even more important for teachers to have support.


Nepantla Cohorts are virtual communities. They are about teaching math as a political act, one that involves assessing power dynamics and making changes toward liberation. These cohorts are led by 2 facilitators acting as coaches and providing additional resources. We invite a guest speaker to share their perspectives as experts in social justice and mathematics education. And we plan to work on specific contexts: yours. Because context matters. It's only one hour each week, because we're teachers and we're exhausted. Additional reading and videos are expected but not required. We hope you'll join us.


Option 1: Mondays at 5-6 PM CST from July 12-August 9 

Option 2: Mondays from 6:30-7:30 PM CST from July 26-August 23

Cost: $100 (Scholarships available!)

Due to the nature of the workshop theme and emphasis on discussion, we will have a limited number of participants available. We will notify accepted applicants by Jun 20th. Upon acceptance, you will be directed on how to submit your payment and we will offer a certificate of attendance for 5 hours through partnership with Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Our cohort is open to all mathematics educators.

Apply here!


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