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Nepantla Cohorts:
A bridge between social justice and classroom practice for mathematics educators

We offer virtual cohorts for mathematics educators with a focus on social justice. Nepantla Cohorts are 5-8 week virtual communities. They are about teaching math as a political act, one that involves assessing power dynamics and making changes toward liberation.


Additionally, we invite speakers on panels to share their perspectives as experts in social justice and mathematics education. And we plan to work on specific contexts: yours. Because context matters. We hope you'll join us.


Read more about our cohorts on our blog.

Hands Up

Nepantla Cohort Benefits

  • Work together in a community for motivation, inspiration, and accountability

  • Receive guidance and resources from facilitators who are experienced math educators

  • Context-specific professional development (making changes for your specific context)

  • Focus on making an actionable impact in the classroom or school

  • Learn more about other math education and social justice organizations

  • Certificate of completion

  • Access to Nepantla Teachers Community events with invited expert speakers/panels on social justice and math education

What Past Cohort Members Have Said

"I feel a lot more centered in anti-racists principles and how they intersect with my pedagogy. I appreciated that this was about being centered in the HOW rather than the WHAT."

"Embrace Nepantla - this work is hard and there will be contradictions! Contradictions don't mean you're doing something wrong!"

" ...our facilitators fostered a great community where we all shared openly about our ideas and experiences. They went above and beyond to give me a book recommendation on implementing circles in my class as well. It was wonderful to be in a community of math educators who are so committed to social justice and implementing anti-racist practices."

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