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Student Voices in Remote Learning: Marisol's Story

It is very difficult for a young person like me to work hard during this pandemic, and to keep my head up when I know everyone is risking their life to go get food from a grocery store. When I do go out to grocery stores with my mom we make sure to stay at least 6 feet away from people, and to wear a mask, gloves, and clear protected glasses.

I have learned a lot from this pandemic. It has taught me the deep lesson of not to take your parents for granted and to not take life in general for granted as well. This time has been very scary for me, my mom, my siblings and my pets, because my dad has the coronavirus.

He was infected at work when one of his work partners got infected with the virus, and didn’t warn the company. My dad kept working, and about a week later when my dad’s work partner was showing symptoms of CO-VID 19, the company asked all of the workers to take a test. So the workers did, and my dad’s test came back positive.

I still can’t believe it, and I still can not take it all in that my dad is infected, my uncle is infected, and my aunt is also infected. My mom, siblings, and I have also been tested and all came back negative. This virus is NOT a joke! Please take good care and take all the precautions. And many vitamins like vitamin C. Stay Safe!

Pictured above is Marisol Hernandez (Photo by Marisol Hernandez)

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